Are you smothering your business due to space constraints? Here is a why flex space is for you.

Our company has a simple and economical flex space solution to suit any business size or type.

The best part is that no long-term commitment is needed.

Our unique offering can give your business office space and a storage facility under one roof allowing you to quickly and easily increase or decrease the space you use, as your business needs change.

It’s a one-stop shop to solve your space problems quickly and simply.

Customizable and flexible to your needs 

We offer secure, safe, dry self-contained individual storage units. We can link you to removal companies, we provide packaging materials and also have parking spaces to store company vehicles when not in use.

We accept delivery of your goods so you don’t have to wait for deliveries to arrive.

We also have office space from one person upwards.  Keep your office space clutter free to do paperwork, and walk from your office to your storage space to get stock, spare parts or marketing documents.

A range of amenities 

We also have a reception area to meet and greet your clients, an eat-in canteen and meeting rooms if needed.

We can also receive your post and provide professional phone answering.

It is a multi-purpose workspace for a wide range of users including small businesses and start-ups, entrepreneurs, field service engineers, remote workers and anyone who needs a place to conduct business, hold stock, and maintain a local presence in the immediate market.

This is particularly beneficial for travelling reps or service engineers, or sales/marketing reps, who need storage and a space to do follow up paperwork.

Along with storage space, Acorn Business Centre’s flex product gives clients a great location in Cork a few minutes from the Jack Lynch tunnel and all access roads to and from the city to anywhere in the county or throughout the country.

It is a true 2-for-1 deal.

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