Over the years, it’s natural to hoard a myriad of items but it can be difficult to know how to declutter.

From toys to clothes to general household items, we tend to accumulate mountains of stuff that we don’t need.

However, deciding to declutter can be an overwhelming experience. It’s sometimes impossible to know where to begin.

Thankfully, there are ways to manage the jumble and free up much needed space in your home. One of those ways is by using self-storage facilities.

Yet, to get to that stage, you have to say goodbye to some items.

How to declutter your space

The best way to begin decluttering your space is by doing it in stages. Start in one room at a time and complete each job fully before moving onto the next stage.

Then separate the items into categories.

 Some groupings include:

  • Put away: These are items displaced from their designated storage spaces.
  • Fix: These are items that need to be fixed and restored.
  • Recycle: Items that can be recycled.
  • Trash: Items to throw away.
  • Donate: Unwanted items that are still in good condition and can be donated to a charitable organization or another person.
  • To be stored: These are items you want to keep but you no longer have space for.

When learning how to declutter, you need to understand and learn where each item can go, whether that is a second-hand store or storage. And for self-storage, the ‘to be stored’ and ‘put away’ items are prime options.

When it comes to self-storage units such as those at Mini Storage Cork, there are a significant number of items you can house temporarily.

These include decorations, bicycles, summer or winter sports items, and garden equipment.

Mini Storage can also store motorhomes, caravans, boats and even cars.

So have you embarked on the decluttering journey and now have objects you need to store? Then call Mini Storage at (021) 453 6100.

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