The saying goes “there’s no place like home”, however at times our homes may not be as comfortable and relaxing as we would like largely due to the fact that we all tend to accumulate items that we do not need. Mini Storage house doctor offers you 10 easy steps on how to “DECLUTTER” your home and take back the time, space and sanity being stolen from under your nose.

  • START NOW – Putting off the task to declutter is the number one obstacle to a more organised home.
  • FIX A TIME SCHEDULE – Putting 30 minutes aside each day is a good start to get you going. Ensure you stick to the time frame allocated.
    ONE ROOM AT A TIME – Decide which room in the house you want to start with and stick with it until it has been done. Don’t jump ahead to the next room. Create a vision for each room of what you would like it to look like when it is finished.
  • START AT THE ENTRANCE – Always start at the entrance to each room and work your way around from here. It will be easier to see what you have accomplished and will motivate you to get the job done.
  • MAKE 3 PILES: A) STORE B) DONATE C) THROW OUT – Sort all items in each room into these three piles and in this way it is clear what you want to put away, what goes to charity and what goes out. Involve your whole family in the process, ensuring everyone has a part to play ad the job gets done faster. Set a timeframe to have each pile completed.
  • PRACTICE THE “IN-OUT” RULE – When you buy something new – i.e. clothes or furniture – ensure you get rid of something older.
  • FIX IT OR DITCH IT – For items that have been put aside to be fixed or repaired, set a date for the task to be completed or otherwise get rid of it.
  • ORGANISE – Evaluate all the items in your store pile and decide where you want them to go. Use storage boxes and labels so items can be easily identified and located. Take a picture of valuable possessions you don’t want to forget and keep the memory instead of allowing the memory to take up valuable space in your home. Put these items of sentimental value into safe storage with Mini Storage Self Storage Centre.
  • SORT YOUR POST – As soon as you get your post and mail, sort through it immediately, filing away items to keep and throwing away junk.
  • EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE – Once you have everything decluttered and organised, keep everything in its place and your home will remain clutter free and organised FOREVER! Repeat your decluttering twice a year so your winter items are organised in the summer and vice versa. For items in storgage with Mini Storage, you can access your own storage unit 24/7.