Moving house can be one of the most stressful things you will ever do, so the key to a successful and hassle free move is ORGANISATION and PLANNING. Mini Storage Self Storage centres offer you their top moving tips:

  • PACKAGING SUPPLIES – Determine the packing accessories that you need for your move. Then visit our online store or call into one of our Mini Storage centres where you can buy a complete range of packing and storage materials from storage boxes to bubble wrap, tape to marker pens or our value Mega or Mini Storage packs.
  • REMOVALS COMPANY – Ensure that you use a removal company that comes with reliable recommendations and book them well in advance (at least four weeks prior to your move). Mini Storage Self Storage centres are happy to recommend a removal company, so why not call our team on 021-4536100 or email us on for further details. For any items you wish to place in storage with Mini Storage Self Storage Centres we will be delighted to organize our removals man and large removals van to assist you on your move.
  • CONTACT LIST – make a list of everyone that you need to contact to let them know you are moving house, including banks & building societies, family & friends, doctors, dentists, bin companies, schools, etc., giving them details of your new address. Ensure that electricity, gas and phone companies are contacted with details of your move and arrange for meter readings and disconnection of services in your old home and connection of these services at your new house to be organised.
  • DECLUTTER – Moving house gives you the perfect opportunity to declutter and will help in keeping your new home spacious and clutter free. Throw out items you don’t require any longer, give second-hand clothes to charities and put items of sentimental value or larger items of furniture that will take up too much room in your new home into storage with Mini Storage Self Storage Centres, giving you extra space in your new home.
  • PACKING & MOVING – Make a list of all the items you pack for the move and ensure you label each box clearly using a Mini Storage marker pen. It will then be easier to identify items you require later. Ensure boxes are packed sufficiently so they can be stacked on top of each other when moving, however, avoid putting all heavy items in one or two boxes. Distribute the weight evenly so boxes can be easily carried. Don’t place boxes on top of soft furnishings when moving as this could cause items to get damaged. Use Mini Storage bubble wrap on polished furniture, mirrors and delicate items such as plates and glasses to avoid breakages. Clean white goods such as fridges and freezers prior to moving and ensure to drain fuel from any petrol driven items such as garden equipment.
  • GOOD LUCK! – Once you have all the ground work and preparation done the move to your new home will be a happy and stress free one. Mini Storage Self Storage Centres wish you every luck in your new clutter free home!